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Artwork on Paper

SA&D have come to realize that an archival resin coated paper is the best high class performer for the art we create for you. Moab Lasal based on our 15 years in the industry is the best performer through Legion Paper USA.

Moab Lasal paper is acid free, water resistant and scratch resistant. They are a true replacement for silver halide papers with far greater longevity. SA&D use Lasal Lustre as it is a proved performer as its surface has a lower sheen level than many pearl products and shows better scratch resistance than similar papers in its class.

With a rapid dry surface, they can be used in the fastest wide format printers. At 270GSM, Lasal has greater stiffness than acidic Asian types and show far less kinking with enlargements.

Our archival system for Board:

The products we use, far exceed the standards recommended by the industry and other standards.

American standards,

Library of Congress USA and Fine Art Trade Guild UK just to name a few.

We use Bainbridge artcare products supplied from the USA by Megawood Australia. This has proven to give our clients far more protection than any other conservation product can. This has been proven by the use of Micro Chamber Technology that protects art from ageing, fading and deterioration from harmful pollutants and acid by products in the environment within the framed artwork.

These products extent into mountboards, foamcore boards and boards for the backing of your loved artworks. Micro Chamber Technology uses molecular straps “Zeolites” which are naturally occurring minute crystalline structures. They have an almost limitless capacity to absorb and are widely used todayin anti cancer drugs, water treatments and air filtration, just to name a few.

What is new now, is the use of this technology into paper. With the Zeolites technology paper and board could be made with no acid and most importantly would trap and render harmless most of the acid gases in the environment. This technology is now being used by International Galleries, Libraries, Museums and Historical Societies all around the world.

At the end of the day, it is our reputation, when we create these amazing artworks for you that we stand by the paper products that we offer as completed artworks openly displayed in the space of your choosing as we care as much about the artwork as you.

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